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You love this feeling

Experimental Short

The video work ‘You love this feeling’ uses the visual language of advertising to comment on neo-masculinity, power structures in public life and the staging of the male body as a consumer product. With a voice-over that aims to turn all heterosexual men into gay men, the work refers to conversion therapies for queer people and explores the definition of the male-gay physicality.

Director, Editor & Producer | Constantin Hartenstein
Cinematography | Anne Braun

2017 | I SEE - International Video Art Festival, Berlinische Galerie (Sichuan Fine Arts Institue Chongqing, Goethe Institut Oslo/Bejing, Center for Contemporary Art Glasgow)
2017 | WRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw Polen

4K 9 Min. b/w © 2017

Photos screening premiere at Berlinische Galerie (c) Hannes Francke

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