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Feature Documentary
Trailer OV
Tonnentaucher is a cinematic excursion into the domestic waste garbage cans in Germany, France and Italy. Many different people, from the Berlin roof gardener to the Italian Garbology professor present their views on a phenomenon that accompanies us every day – waste. It is about different disposal concepts and about how garbage is created in the first place. What is the significance of waste in our consumer societies? How does recycling work? How sustainable is recycling really?

Watch the full movie here.

Director | Kerstin Schnatz, Laura Lazzarin, Martin Kleinmichel

Cinematography | Anne Braun, Isabel Huber, Martin Kleinmichel, Kai Miedendorp

Editor | Martin Kleinmichel

Sound | Pirrko Bell, Martin Kleinmichel, Robin Palme, Henning Schärfke
Music | Henning Schärfke, Martin Kleinmichel
Animation | Artist Collective „Pappsatt“ Berlin
Color Grading | Anne Braun
Production | Strahlendes Klima e.V.
Co-Production | Projector23 KG


Barents Ecology Film Festival Russia 


UNEP Ökofilmpreis Goethe Institut

HD 46 Min., OmU, (c) 2012

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