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Sprich uns von

Feature Fiction
SPRICH UNS VON is about individuals, encounters, dreams and bitter truth that comes without much spoken words The unprocessed German family history hovers behind the characters as a cross-generational trauma, as does the confrontation with roles of femininity and self-presentation. The four female performers act out their characters in an intimate and physical way that is leading the camera through the mixture of narrative and performance.


Laura Vogel, Cox Ahlers, 
Franziska Pack
, Clara Gracia

Director & Screenplay | Kirsten Burger
Prodcucer | Cox Ahlers

Editor | Daniela del Pomar

Cinematography | Anne Braun

Music Composition | Mabe Fratti
Production Manager | Cox Ahlers, Kirsten Burger, Alice Greenhill

Sound Design | Olaf Giesbrecht

Voices | Laura Vogel, Cox Ahlers, Olaf Griesbrecht
Sound Recordist | Milian Vogel

Sound Editing | Milian Vogel, Matias Santos
Set Design & Costumes | Franz Reimer

Set Design & Make-up | Adriana Fiedler
Colorist | Till Beckmann

Title Design | Alessandra Leone

Mastering | Planemo UG, Marcin Malaszczak, Abdul Twebti

2K 90 Min. (c) 2022

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