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Experimental Short

Teaser - Lichter Art Award

Narc was developed as a part of the sculptural media work NARC – TURBORIPPER by Constantin Hartenstein. 

This work explores the narcissistic phenomena of a digital society and its fitness and self-optimization industry. The installation NARC – TURBORIPPER, conceived for the studio space 45cbm at Kunsthalle Baden Baden, negotiates the societal striving for optimized individuality juxtaposed with solitary homogeneity. The portal shrine cast from protein powder particles directs the viewer‘s gaze to its inner center: In the space hermetically delimited by mirrors, the figure, reminiscent of Narcissus, engages only with its reflection, while being voyeuristically filmed by a present camera. Lost in thought, the figure dissolves arhythmically between the rooms into the luminous particles of its own consumption.

Director & Editor | Constantin Hartenstein
Cinematography | Anne Braun
Actor | Saïd Oulali
Sound Design | Tommi Toivonen
Set Assistance | Marie-Luce Theis, Alexander Wilmschen

Screenings & Exhibitions:
2023 | Leo Kuelbs Collection | “Other Places” - Group Show |
Kino International Berlin
2022 International Competition, Videoex – Experimental Film
and Videofestival | Zürich, Switzerland
2020 | Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt | Lichter Art Award
2020 | Kino der Kunst, International Competition
2019 | Kunsthalle Baden Baden (Narc – Turboripper)

5 Min. 4K Videoloop (c) 2019

Photos Installation “Narc - Turboripper” (c) Judit Fruszina Jesse

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