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Just in Case
Video Design – Theatre
After the curtain falls and the theater closes, the black storage cases are wheeled out to protect, to transport and to store the things worth keeping. The rolling cases perform their own show, their own score, their own aesthetic. They provide the inspiration for picnic’s newest interdisciplinary performance project  JUST IN CASE.

Video Team:
Director | Jens Bluhm
Cinematography | Anne Braun
1. Assistant Camera | Dominik Siegmann
Sound Recording | Karola Pfaffinger
Sound Design | Felix Stachelhaus

Using language, sound and video, just in case is a performative experiment to determine the value of things.
What stays? What goes? What’s in there anyway?
The theatre collective picnic takes a deep breath, blows off the dust, and makes another doomed attempt to get things sorted in society’s attic. 

Picnic Kollektiv
Lichthof Theater | Hamburg, 2021

Link Full Video

a production by team picnic: Jens Bluhm (Director) | Lena Carle (Dramaturge) | Anna Eger (Actor.) | Meredith Nicoll (Actor) | Felix Stachelhaus (Musician) | Gianna-Sophia Weise (Costumes) |

guests: Irini Aravidou (Percussion) | Beata Berger (Sound Engineering) | Chi-Chung Cheung (Production Manager) | Colin Hausberg (Actor) | Marie Häusner (Stage Design) | Lisa Hofer (Voice Recordings) | Katharina Lauer (Public Relations) | Laura Mitzkus (Actor) | Lola Mlačnik (Percussion) | Selina Peter (Production Assistant, Social Media) | Casimiro Ragusa (Stage Construction) | Anne Braun (Video)

Photo Stage by Marie Häusner

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