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App Human

Video Design – Theater

In AppHuman, a panel of four scientific experts discuss the consequences of the advancement of new technologies and artificial intelligence in their daily lives. To illustrate their points, they decide to use a case study: they invent a fictional, allegorical story about a group of friends who find themselves one night in an accident involving a new model of autonomous car, developed by the technology company they work for. In a mix of theater and science, AppHuman asks the question of the human in the face of the massive technologization of the world, with all that this implies: the fusion of man and machine through the algorithms that run social networks and smartphones, mass surveillance, the use that technology companies make of personal data and, above all, the question of bias and ethics in a world governed by automated systems.
The complex issues of the play are reflected in its video design in various ways: A 360°-monitored everyday world is mirrored in the theatre space, while avatars act on digital surfaces in the stage space and the story is driven by an on-screen A.I. character.

With: Garance Clavel, Denis Jousselin, Renelde Pierlot,
Luc Schiltz, Pitt Simon

Concept: Sophie Langevin & Ian De Toffoli | Director: Sophie Langevin | Text: Ian De Toffoli | Scenography & Costumes: Marie-Luce Theis | Dramaturgy: Mikaël Serre | Lighting: Mathias Roche | Video Creation: Anne Braun | Sound Design: Rajivan Ayyappan | Assistant Director: Jonathan Christoph | Production: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg | Co-production: Théâtre de Liège 

Teaser (c) 2020 Bohumil Kostohryz / boshua
Photos (c) 2020 Bohumil Kostohryz, Marie-Luce Theis

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